Please fill out this form at the end of your 180 day school year. 

A44E is a 3rd option association accountability group.  Membership includes accountability, online forms for fast processing, newsletter, phone/text/email support, facebook group, resources, FB links to activities. The membership fee is $35 May-Aug.

$40 Sept-Feb.

$45 after Feb

$5 to add a student after membership has been received

Membership is per family per year. Membership is valid May 2021-July 2022.  Please note that for returning members your membership will not be processed until you complete your End of Year Form.     

New Members must request a compliance letter.  This letter must be given as proof of homeschool for public/private school, DMV, college, DSS,  etc. 

Request in progress transcript if you need a transcript to enter a public/private school, dual credit purpose, early college admission.  In progress transcripts should be used if you need a report card that is more than 1 year.  The fee for in progress transcript is $15.

Application and Forms

Request a Diploma for your homeschool graduate.  Choose from a cardstock over $15 or a padded cover $30.

Request a report card for personal record keeping or when a report card is  needed for extra activities. Report card can be for the full year or a nine week period.  Report Card fee is $10

Request a College Transcript when you need a transcript for college entrance.  College Transcript fee is $20.

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