A44E is a 3rd option association accountability group.  Membership includes accountability, online forms for fast processing, newsletter, text/email support, facebook group, resources, FB links to activities. The membership fee is $35 May-Aug.

$40  late registration Sept-Feb.

$45 late registration after Feb

$5 to add a student after membership has been received

$5 if form is filled out incorrect and new papers have to be sent out. 

Membership is per family per year. Membership is valid May 2022-July 2023.  You must renew and pay each year. Please note that for returning members your membership will not be processed until you complete your End of Year Form    

Registration is closed for the 2022-23 school year. Members must fill out the end-of-year form to renew for next year. Registration is open for the 2023-2024 school year.  

Add A student

Request a report card for personal record keeping or when a report card is  needed for extra activities. Report card can be for the full year or a nine week period.  Report Card fee is $10

Fill this form out if you are withdrawing a student from a public or private school. 

Request in progress transcript if you need a transcript to enter a public/private school, dual credit purpose, early college admission.  In progress transcripts should be used if you need a report card that is more than 1 year.  The fee for in progress transcript is $15.

Application and Forms

Request a Diploma for your homeschool graduate.  Choose from a cardstock over $15 or a padded cover $30.

Request a College Transcript when you need a transcript for college entrance.  College Transcript fee is $20.

Association 4

Homeschool Excellence

Wonder. Learn. Grow. 

Please fill out this form at the end of your 180 day school year.